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Rapid Application Development Delivers: Medical Device Applications Built Fast

As the pandemic hit, I always wondered what I or my company could do to help. As a technology company, we are not essential workers and can do our jobs from our homes. As lonely as that is, it is only a small price to pay to help the safety of our communities. But what I did realize is that while we are not out in the field, we can help those that are out in the field servicing medical devices, machinery, or delivering COVID testing solutions. But, we do have the ability to help companies deliver medical device apps fast, and that can help.

Today, we are thrilled to share that Appify is powering the technology behind TataMD CHECK, a product that delivers rapid COVID-19 testing to consumers and businesses in India.  Just five weeks after engaging TataMD, our no-code platform delivered five apps for each part of the testing process. Consumers, sample collectors, lab technicians, and doctors all have custom apps that track the progress of a test from collection to delivery of the results.

This is the power of our no-code platform in action.

Just a few years ago, it would have taken months and tons of developers to produce even one app with the robust capabilities and functionality of our Appify apps. Companies would have to customize their current enterprise software to add functionality or build mobile apps to stretch these rigid technology stacks out into the hands of the field. And while this could have delivered – in time – a reasonable solution, this pandemic has shown us that time is not a luxury we have. The survival of a company can sometimes be contingent on whether a business has the agility to change quickly – or not.

For TataMD, Appify’s no-code platform allowed for a lightning-fast method to deliver their product to market. But now that they have a no-code platform working for them, they can build anything they need to launch new lines of business or adjust the business they are in.

Come see a demo of Appify and explore what it can do for your business.

Hari Subramanian
Founder and CTO at Appify. Hari has worked for more than 30 years in Enterprise software in various roles including support engineer, programmer, solution architect, and engineering leader.

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