Your financial institution can streamline onboarding, internal processes, and more with Appify

Financial institutions are behemoth organizations that rely on large teams, countless software and tools, often across multiple locations, to connect to customers and team members effectively – and in real-time. Often, team members have to rely on a multitude of tools to accomplish their part of the business, causing slow and arduous processes. Beyond that, many of the systems financial institutions rely on today are solutions that were implemented years or even decades ago. COBOL, a programming language from 1959 is still used by 40% of US banks as of 2020. These systems and programming languages aren’t something that financial institutions or other organizations can switch out of easily but the older the systems get, the more challenging it is to hire to work with these languages and systems and the harder it is to make a switch in the long run. At Appify, we believe the solution is not to switch out of the systems your business relies on but rather to build a custom application that sits on top of existing systems and data with a user-friendly experience is a solution to these pain points.

Most financial institutions have experience with the effectiveness of applications from a customer point of view – 97% of Millennials and 89% of Consumers rely on mobile banking apps and usage continue to grow year over year. Let’s bring the functionality and capabilities of modern applications to your internal teams, as well. Applications provide your employees with a user-friendly experience and allow you to connect your internal teams to the data and systems they need in an instant. Appify allows you to harness the power of your existing systems, languages, and data, while serving modern needs of your team.

How can Appify manage your financial institution’s internal processes?

Appify empowers your employees to improve productivity by helping them better understand and scale their part of the business using easy-to-build applications. Using digital forms, you can collect candidate information and documents with ease. Track hiring, turnover, and employee growth rates while simultaneously managing contract or consultant team members that are external to the organization but need access to internal tools. Integrate with employee expensing, time tracking, budgeting, and auditing all through a single application.

One of our partners estimates productivity enhancement of one additional job per day per engineer which will add $3M to their bottom line this year. Another one of our partners avoided $1M in development costs in their first year by creating apps on Appify while connecting to disparate data sources like Oracle and Salesforce. On top of that, Appify provides enterprise-level security with the ability to deploy in a Virtual Private cloud for optimal security.

What other processes can Appify streamline for your financial institution?

Appify can improve several facets of a financial institution. You can create, update, and email customized project bids or quotes while on site. Within minutes, your sales team can generate a proposal ready for signature – even while you’re still engaging with the customer. Create workflows that guide your sales team through designing a quote and use personally branded templates that can be created in-app or imported from sources such as Microsoft Word.

Aggregate and present financial data in one application by pulling data and forecasting into one space while managing employee stock across multiple platforms and centralizing paperwork. Capture signatures, photos, or notes and connect to customer records to increase efficiency while ensuring a user-friendly workflow for your employees. Drastically increase your win rate by wowing your prospects with a professional proposal in minutes. Request a demo today and find out how Appify can revolutionize your employee onboarding and so much more!

Alanna Andersen
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