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No matter what industry you’re in – Higher Education, manufacturing, telecommunications, facility management - the Appify platform helps you build the solutions your teams need.

The platform that future-proofs your business

Appify's rapid application development platform is easy-to-master today and ready-to-adapt to push your organization towards agility, productivity, and scalability today rather than in the future.
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Appify Flex, a secure, elastic and scalable database

Quickly build an app with Appify Flex as your database. Or point a Flex database object to any of your existing Systems of Records via a REST API. It is as simple as that.

Why should your enterprise use Appify Flex?

Appify Flex is the fastest way to get started building your applications.

Enforce business rules

Easily define permissions and data sharing rules

Advanced data modeling

No messy integrations. Connect local Flex objects with remote objects or extend remote objects locally


Appify Flex scales vertically or horizontally with practically no limits!

Visual modeling

Appify Studio provides an interactive and easy experience to build complex object models

Secure storage

Isolation, encryption, security, and verified user access capabilities

Easy integration

Point any Flex object to your existing systems using REST APIs and vice versa

Extend the functionality of your existing systems

With Appify Flextensions, you can extend the data model of your existing systems into the Flex database. Your existing data source will remain intact, while new fields can be added to the Flex ‘cousin’ of your native database. Appify apps can be built seamlessly on top of this joined object model as if the data were residing in a single source. Now, isn’t that powerful?

Connect disparate systems without moving data

Appify Flex is a model-driven platform, which means data model comes first and it can point to any system of record. What’s more, you can make foreign key references across data sources. Imagine a Salesforce Case object with a reference to an SAP product catalog and a local (Flex) account master, while the app designers and users not having to worry about the nuances of this.

Secure enterprise apps that scale

Whether you’re moving from a manual process or adding additional tasks and checkpoints to your existing digital process, starting in the Appify Flex database provides a solid foundation to build apps with choice and flexibility as you grow. And, combined with the power of Appify Studio, get all the benefits of the cloud and scale seamlessly and efficiently.