Why Service Companies Need a Partner Relationship Management Software

PRM solutions are becoming increasingly popular among service companies that rely on partner ecosystems to drive indirect revenue. By providing a centralized platform for communication, collaboration, and tracking performance, PRM solutions enable service companies to effectively manage their partner relationships and optimize programs. With the right technology in place, companies can automate key processes, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on building stronger partnerships and brainstorming new concepts. Let’s take a look at some of the top service companies currently utilizing a PRM solution.


Accenture is a professional services company that has benefited from using a PRM platform to manage its partner relationships, streamline collaboration, and track performance. Their PRM solution has improved their partner alignment by fostering engagement with resources and investments. They’ve also been able to streamline their partner program by automating key processes and providing better visibility. With their PRM solution, Accenture has enabled real-time visibility into partner performance metrics to identify trends and opportunities while making data-driven decisions to improve their partner relationships.


Deloitte is a multinational professional services network that uses a PRM solution to improve visibility and control over partner relationships, streamline partner onboarding and enablement, and increase communication and efficiency. Their PRM optimizes their partner programs and improves engagement. By automating partner onboarding, Deloitte has ramped up new partnerships and provided them with the resources for success. By providing their partners with a centralized platform, they are able to increase efficiency and improve partner satisfaction.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions that uses a PRM platform to manage their partner relationships and enable collaboration to drive revenue growth. TCS has a wide range of partners, including technology providers and system integrators. By using a PRM platform, TCS can better understand their partners' capabilities, align resources and investments, and foster closer collaboration. This helps TCS bring innovative solutions to market more quickly and expand its reach into new markets.

Ernst & Young (EY)

EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. They have leveraged a PRM solution to manage their partner relationships and improve revenue through indirect channels. EY has emphasized the importance of leveraging technology and digital solutions to drive growth and improve efficiency. They’ve stated that they value the insights and expertise that their partners bring to the table and that managing these relationships effectively is critical to their success. A PRM solution has helped EY better manage and leverage its partner ecosystem to achieve its business goals.


KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services. They have publicly discussed the importance of leveraging technology to manage these relationships. KPMG has a wide range of partners, including technology providers, strategic alliance partners, and other professional services firms. A PRM enables KPMG to manage partner onboarding and enablement, automate deal registration and incentive tracking, and provide a single source of truth for partner performance metrics.

Enterprise relies on channel partner relationship management solutions

These are just a few examples of service companies that have benefited from using a PRM solution to manage their partner relationships and drive revenue through indirect channels. PRM can be an effective tool for service companies looking to optimize their partner programs and maximize their revenue potential. Using a PRM solution like Appify can streamline your service company’s partner relations, process improvement, and overall communication. Understanding what your partners need is integral to a thriving business. Book a demo with us today to discover all the ways Appify can improve your partner management!

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